Behind the city of shipyard, on the hills facing the railway there are many foot-paths which skirts the renewable trenches and which can be travelled in the Monfalcone Theme Park. The first site which you can reach is the trench Joffrè, named in memory of a visit by the French Chief of the General Staff; it is visible the access to Grotta Vergine and the nice tombstone, which characterise her. Next you come to the saddle on Q.85 site of batteries located cement blockhouses. From here in a few times you reach the Quota Toti, which became a monument in memory of the people that fought here.

Duration: approximately 3 hours
Guide: expert of the sites of the Great War
Difficulty: easy
Typology of the ground:  macadam and dirt road
Clothing and footwear: climbing-boots or gym shoes, bottle of water and a flashlight.