Doberdò, the town where our farm is located, is unfortunately known for the brutal battles that took place in this area during World War I: on Doberdò Plateu took place the so-called Isonzo front line between Italy and Austria. There are still evidence, traces and monuments dedicated to the Great War organized in visitable routes. In addition to the historical memory, the Karst territory offers natural attractions and features, such as Doberdò Lake, but is also an excellent starting point to visit other nearby places such Trieste, Gorizia, Aquileia, Palmanova.

Just to spread the beauty of these places and valorise them even further we decided to organize for groups and associations hikes and guided tours through the nearby natural, historical and cultural routes. The itineraries can be modulated and they can last half a day, all day or even several days (accommodation included in our offer).

On the right side of the website you can take a look to some of these routes which can be adapted and modified in accordance with your wishes. All these proposals include professionally prepared guides and lunch/ dinner/ tasting in our farm Kovač.