Routes / ALTITUDE 144

The hike on altitude 144 leads us to visit the traces of the Great War near the village of Jamiano. We will visit a great cave; after the conquest of this zone by the Italian troupes, the cave was dedicated in memory of General Alessandro Ricordi. Then prosecute toward altitude 144 which we can reach in about 30 minutes. On his peak two monuments remember us the Italian division which conquered the hill. From the peak we descent on a road which bring to an old castelliere. After 20 minutes we advance in a gallery. Probably this construction kept an embrasure battery. Once the war finished the excavation stopped but in the ’50 was finished and englobed the underground system of the Nato. Continuing along a military route we reach the point where on 23 May 1917, a bullet broke out for overheating of the barrel wounding Benito Mussolini. Descending toward the Doberdò lake it is possible to visit the rests of a war cemetery. After a few meters turn on right side and reach a great natural gully. Also here have found some rests of military constructions. Once we reach the peak and overstep trench after 200 meters we reach the road which bring us again at the start point.

Duration: 4 hours

We suggest an practical clothes and climbing-boots, a flashlight and good physique condition.