About us

Our family lives in Doberdò del Lago – Doberdob for centuries. It survived and developed by cultivating the soil in small and large doline and grazing on the rocky Karst; oaks were also a source of income with the firewood sold in the underlying Bisiaccheria. In the last century the inhabitants of Doberdò switch gradually to the secondary sector, mainly in the shipyards of Monfalcone. KOVAČ is the ancient name of our family because our ancestors were blacksmiths (in Slovenian kovači). The present generation has chosen to dedicate themselves to the service industries, but without abandoning the contact with the land and breeding.

The farm is managed by three brothers under the watchful eye of his father and invaluable support of his mother and sister. All of us carry in addition to the duties of a general nature a specific task: work in the vineyards and in the fields to the production of wine and food, from the delicate processes of winemaking in the preparation of dishes, from marketing in the region FVG and promotion of national and foreign to the catering service, the ‘catering’ to wine tasting in the underground cellar …
The ‘logo’ of our company is characterized by the leaves of sumac, a typical Karst shrub which in the fall reviving the surrounding area colored in a deep red. The plant is simple, but tough and durable as the locals. The three leaves symbolize the three brothers, the stem instead the sister who supports all.