A tourist destination located just a few km from Doberdo; it is a private residence of the prince Thurn und Taxis opened to the public. It is built on a rocky spurs jutting out into the Gulf of Trieste nearby the path named after the poet Reiner Maria Rilke, who in 1912 was a guest of Princess Marie at Duino New Castle and wrote the “Duino elegies”. The Castle was built on the ruins of a Roman military outpost near the Castle are ruins of the Old Castle which date back to the 11th century called la Dama Bianca. It belongs to the patriarchy of Aquileia. After having fallen into Venetian hands in 1508 the Castle was reacquired by the emperor Maximillian. In the 17th century the Castle went to the princely Thurn und Taxis. From the 17th century becomes a cultural centre. In 1713 was attached by the farmers and damaged during the Second World War and then completely restored.

Duration: 2 hours
Itinerary: with bus and walking
Footware: Comfortable shoes are recommended for the section carried out on food