The main feature of our farm is that it offers healthy products grown on their own.

The management of the farm involves the entire family: thanks to mother Milena and aunt Anica for full flavor dishes prepared in harmony with the old and tested karst recipes.

The sons Robert and Andrej serve the guests at the tables, the son Ivan is a true artist on the grill, while his father Aldo is always ready to lend a hand where it is needed and monitors with an expert eye, while the daughter Nives controls the bureaucracy. The arrival of our wifes increases our strength because positively contributes to the growth of the farm.

The offer at farm KOVAČ is the expression of the multicultural traditions of our country: beside the karst cusine we propose also typical dishes from the neighboring Friuli and foods in mitteleuropean style. Home produced wines accompany each dish.

The hot and cold dishes are prepared using only the products of our cultivations and breeding that our farm managed according to the principles of natural and genuine biological agriculture without use of chemicals.

Guests are served in a cozy and warm dining room with 90 seats. In good weather, the garden becomes a pleasant place to sit and enjoy our products on open area.