Discover of Trieste through its main places of worship, symbol of centuries of history and cultures that are intertwined and lived together where there have never been real boundaries.

The Synagogue
The Synagogue was built from 1908 and 1912 and prove the great influence reached by the Jewish community in the economic and cultural life of the town. At the beginning of the 20th century the numerous communities ordered the construction of the temple. The temple is characterized by eastern traces and modern building technique in its windows, columns, its engravings and the characteristic rose window.

Greek oriental church of St. Nicolò
The temple is dedicated to Saint Nicolò the patron of sailors, ship owners and in general of all those who work with the sea trade. The church was opened in 1787, finished in 1820 with a single nave.

Serbian-orthodox church of St. Spiridione
The temple built from 1861 and 1868 and its structure reminds of the Byzantine style with a Greek cross plan covered by a great dome supported by four arches. The outside is decorated with mosaics, marbles and different coloured stones, the inside is decorated with some precious frescos and a wooden iconostasis.

Evangelical Reformed Church and Waldensian church of St. Silvestro
Is the oldest church of Trieste after the basilica in Via Madonna del Mare; it was built in 12th century and restored in the ‘30 of the past century whit a sober and elegant rose window on the facade. In the inside we can see three naves separated by columns.

Cathedral of St. Justus
It is the most important temple in Trieste, it rise on the hill by the same name nearby the rests of a roman city and the medieval castle. In the 14th century the chapel of St. Justus and the basilica dedicated to our Lady of the Assumption were merged into one wide building with a gothic rose window on the facade. The bell tower is from the 14th century. Inside we can see precious mosaics modelled on those in Byzantium and Ravenna inspiration, frescos, the chapel of the treasure and the ancient baptistery.

Lutheran Evangelical Church
It is the only church made in neo-Gothic style in Trieste; opened to worship in 1874. The sloping roofs in slate slabs roofs are noteworthy. The inside is simple and elegant; we can admire the beautiful stained glass window on the choir.

Duration: 4 hours
Itinerary: walking