The Terrano

Son of the wind, flower among the rocks, green cloak of red earth. Rustic and refined Teran.

Terrano is a dry and full-bodied red wine, pleasantly sour. The color, lively and intense, ranging from ruby to purple. This wine is extremely fruity and this gives it a strong taste and a bouquet of wild berries.
Terrano was born in a small area with the typical karst “red land” and its rich in iron, which, combined with the mild climate and sunshine, refreshed by bora winds, keeping the grapes in healthy conditions, without the need for excessive chemical treatments.
The Terrano’s grapes occur in large and pyramidal clusters, with large berries with very thick skin, in which are substances with healing properties for the body, such as anthocyanin and tannins.
These compounds are powerful antioxidants, which, if taken daily, have a beneficial effect on the digestive system and circulatory system, slow down the formation of cholesterol, as well as make life more long-lived. Because of its high iron content, Terrano is also recommended for people suffering from anemia.
The beneficial properties of Terrano are recognized by medicine and were praised by the ancient Romans.
Terrano is a genuine wine.
The philosophy of our business is to enhance the healing properties of Terrano keeping it natural and healthy. The harvest is done at full ripening of the grapes, selecting the healthiest bunches. These are fermented and macerated for over a month, during which the extraction of antioxidants is complete and there is a considerable lowering of the acidity.
After fermentation the wine is stored and aged in oak barrels, making Terrano sweet and harmonious.

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