International museum C.R.P. of Padriciano

At village Padriciano is visitable the Centro Raccolata Profughi (CRP), the place village in Italy. This area was planned like a suburban place for the Anglo-American army station in Free Territory of Trieste. Afterwards became the area of recovery and assistance of Istrians refugees which trespassed on our territory in ’50. The centre was closed definitively in the early ’70, but it is basic halting place during the »Journey of Memory«.

Kleine Berlin

»Kleine Berlin« is the most extended net of underground galleries which goes back to the Second World War in Trieste. After 8. September 1943 Germans had created the Litorale Adriatico. Like the nerve- centre of the organization was choosed the area in which inside is located the Kleine Berlin, it arose like an anti-aircraft recovery which reached Palazzo di Giustizia. The Kleine Berlin is made by two sectors: a part made by Italian and asecond part made by Germans. Inside are conserved finds going back to that period, photos which testify the bombardment of Trieste.

Duration: half day
Clothing: comfortable