Routes / GORIZIA

Railway station Transalpina, »Travnik«, Historical centre, the Castle of Gorizia, the river Isonzo, Ossuary of Oslavia

Bus route with an intermediary stretch of road – town centre and ascent to the castle. The visit starts in front of the Transalpina railway station with its “transgression” of the line of the frontier. Remembrances from both parts of the border from the inauguration of the station (1906) to the Cold War till nowadays. View to the burial place of the last king of Borboni. A border net between the East and the West of Europe.

»Energetic point« where seven geographical directions meet and where have found some Longobard rests. Then walk: Synagogue and the ex-Ghetto, the destiny of the Jewish of Gorizia. Travnik / Piazza Grande / Piazza della Vittoria: church of St. Ignazio, memorial tablet in memory of the farmer insurrection in 1713, from the mediaeval town till the contemporaneous. Ascent to the Castle through the old town. Panorama at 360 degrees with explanation about reliefs, the strategical »Door of Gorizia«, the nearby centre of Nova Gorica in Slovenia, the trace of the ex-frontier, the legend of Dama Bianca, the Lords of Gorizia (1200-1500).

Return to the town with the bus, crossing the river Isonzo on Ponte di Piuma with the relative explanations and informations. Climb to the Ossuary of the First War with panorama of Gorizia from a different point of view. Crossing the outskirts of Podgora-Piedimonte, between river Isonzo and Monte Calvario, a strategical point during many battles on Isonzo, we continue toward sports centre, town centre and Karst till our farm.

Duration: 4 hours
Clothing: comfortable shoes to walk the stretch and the climb to the Castle
In case of rainy weather, the walking trail will be partially changed, but not entirely suppressed.  There are no visit inside listed buildings: the available time does not allow it.