Excursion on foot around the (periodic) Doberdò lake which is placed in a typical karst surrounding for its geological conformation as well as for its hydrographic, faunistic, vegetable and anthropological characteristics.

It evoke also many prehistorical and roman situations as well as the establishment of Slavonic population, medieval signs and above all manufactured articles from the Great War, the Second World War, the Cold War and the cancellation of the frontiers ten years ago.

We start from Jamiano then we climb on Arupacupa (altitude144 m) we walk on the karst moor then descend till the depression of the lake; karst resurgences, Paludario (unfortunately not visitable), crossing a wide dolina (valley) with the  view of Casa Cadorna on the slope of Gradina and ascent till the chief town of the municipality.

Interesting points: prehistorical caves; karst vegetables: oak wood, expanses of sumac, juniper thicket, acacia, karst flora; panoramic view till Monfalcone and the sea; monument of the Great War; aquatic fauna; rests of the trenches of the Great War, monument to the fallen of the Italian resistance movement and forts of the Cold War…

Duration: 3 hours
Physical condition to be able to do three hours of walking (one slight ascent), proper footwear to a stony ground, a jacket or a sweater, a hat and (maybe) ski poles