A very interesting historical walk conduct us, in a circular way, from San Michele del Carso to Brestovec, where the Italian army had dug out of the stone the galleries for the embrasures. These were recently the subject of a work of recovery and it is possible to visit them once again. This visit evokes unexpected emotions thanks to the profiles of the soldiers and embrasures as well as the shadows of the galleries bring back us at time of the war. The iron material and the dimensions of the underground surrounding help the visitor to understand how GREAT was the war in all of his manifestations. The peak of the hill, Q 208, offers a remarkable view toward the battlefields of the Karst of Komen (SLO). We come back using a road which cross many trenches and which has an access to a underground system with the exit in a little dolina.

Duration: approximately 3 hours
Guide: expert of the sites of the Great War
Difficulty: easy
Typology of the ground:  macadam and dirt road
Clothing and footwear: climbing-boots or gym shoes, bottle of water and a flashlight.