Agriturismo / Catering


The family run farm Kovač also deliver his products at the customer’s house. The service operates from many years to satisfy their customers who, on the occasion of various parties, banquets and business meetings, would like to offer the service at his home, in the court, on the veranda or in the convention center or on the grass and shore of the watercourses.

On request our offer includes in addition to the tasty dishes prepared at home and the wines produced in the family winery also transport of benches and tables, including the preparation and ‘covers’. Obviously trays for transporting food are of high quality and are used in accordance with current legislation.

The capacities are limited by our own choice and according to law, to appetizers (cheese, ham and cooked bacon) and dishes prepared with product from our garden and fields, the barn, the farrowing pens and chicken coops . We prepare soups, broths, jota, pasta with different sauces, goulash with polenta, omelettes with fresh eggs, potatoes or pumpkin dumplings, grilled meat, steamed meat, roast , lamb, sausages, goulash with polenta, savory tarts, vegan goulash, omelettes with herbs, stewed and fried potatoes, cabbage, turnips, spinach, beans, peas, green salad, apple strudel, yogurt with blueberries, pasta crema …

We summarize:

Healthy and tasty food. Home cooking with local products.
Prompt delivery and fast service and able to meet a large number of guests.
Self service for celebrations, inaugurations, baptisms, confirmations, graduations, award ceremonies, anniversaries and other occasions.
Ideas for fancy dynamic refreshments with toast.

Upon request and choice we satisfy particular needs:

– Foods without gluten
– Vegetarian dishes
– Courses for children
– Wines: Terrano, Terrano’s juice, Malvasia, Chardonnay, Caberlot *


* Term compound: in appropriate doses we conjugate the cabernet with merlot.