Agriturismo / Our dishes

The bread
To get started, you will be served with still warm bread, which is prepared and baked in house. We cook white bread, pumpkin bread, or with cereals and soy; from October to March a delicacy is bread with cracklings.
The cold cuts
The cuts include Karst ham, salami, bacon and ossocollo. Everything is homemade and comes from our breeding; prepared according to local custom using only salt, pepper, garlic and wine, with a dry and cool air seasoning on the Karst plateau.
You can also taste the ham with a thick cut often served hot with horseradish. The best wine to combine to this cuts is Terrano, a typical Karst red wine.
The first courses
We suggest the characteristic coast soup with sauerkraut and beans, called “Jota”. You can choose also among bread or potatoes or pumpkin dumplings and noodles. All the food is daily prepared and served with a choice of meat sauce or goulash, roast sauce, porcini mushrooms or simply with butter and sage.
You can also order the lasagna with meat sauce and seasonal vegetables.
The main courses
The main courses consist of grilled fresh pork meat, which is coming from our breeding. You can order pork chops, omboli, ribs, kebabs, “cevapcici”, tagliata (meat served on rocket) and chops.
The side dishes
We serve fresh and cooked side dishes, with vegetables grew in our garden. The main courses are combined with fresh vegetables, sauerkraut and ‘brovada’ (turnips in marc, secondary grated and cooked), “patate in tecia”(potatoes cooked in a pan), spinach and peas.
The sweets
You can not renounce desserts like apples or nuts strudel, tiramisu, yoghurt cream with blueberries, “pasta crema” (puff pastry layered with cream) and “potica” (leavened pastry rolled with a walnut filling).