Farm / Livestock

The open-air breeding
The breeding includes about 90 sheep and 40 pigs; organized in free stalling, it means that the animals are free to graze or to stay indoors and above all are free to maintain social relationships with their equals. The natural feeding is supplemented with food coming from our cereal, corn, beans and lucerne crops. The free stalling and natural feeding significantly contribute to the welfare of animals, to which we pay the one’s best attention. For this reason, we have chosen to carry out the transport to slaughter-house a few days in advance, allowing the animals to adapt and settle down in the new environment, without mingling with animals from other farms: all factors that reduce stress for the benefit of the quality of meat. It was shown, in fact, that transport stress causes a rapid consumption of glycogen in the muscles resulting in the accumulation of lactic acid. This does denature proteins and cause the loss of ability to retain water, making the meat tough, dry, dark and less suited to the production of cured meats.

Our meats
The processing of the meat is of two types. We prepare fresh meat for cutting and grill, sausages, cotehini (kind of big boiled sausage) and seasoned meats such as ham, salami, bacon, lard, ossocollo. Ordered fresh meats are served in the farm, either in the dining room or in the courtyard. The seasoned meats instead deserve a few more words. These products are top quality seasoned on Karst dried and fresh air; that what makes them special and unique to the world. To treat the meat to seasoned we use a few simple ingredients: salt, pepper, garlic and wine. The particular seasoning on Karst air makes these products more dry; this feature increase salivation and facilitate the “dissolution” in the mouth.

The Karst prosciutto crudo
The Karst prosciutto occupies, for the flavor, a special place among the variety of drymeats and it is among the best in the world. The flavor and aroma are the result of two years of work accompanied by patience, engageent and … intuition. The production takes place in a restricted area of the Karst plateau between Italy and Slovenia. Here the climatic conditions (temperature range, humidity, wind) are special, so the meat acquires a peculiar aroma and flavor.